Navigating the sea of gene expression data

Our Mission

To provide you the world’s most efficient, accurate, and comprehensive gene expression analyses by supporting and extending our current state-of-the-art gene expression software.

We are doing this while maintaining our commitment to open source.

What We Offer

We offer paid technical support to users of the open source applications, and a range of consulting services to solve complex problems. If your gene expression challenge goes beyond using out-of-the-box open-source packages, we may be able to help. Contact us for a quote on help with experiment design, interpretation of expression results, combining results from several analyses, or using gene expression in machine learning systems.



Our team has developed some of the most widely used open source applications for gene expression analysis.

Wicked fast expression quantification.
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Assemble novel transcripts.
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Extract HLA alleles from DNA sequencing.
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Predict structural variants from RNA-seq.
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