Full-Stack Web Software Developer

Want to develop software to help expand the use of genomics in clinical care? We are seeking a self-driven and passionate software engineer to help develop a software platform to improve the analysis of gene expression sequencing data for research and clinical uses. We are seeking a full-stack developer who can collaborate with a backend engineering team and algorithm developers to help design and launch v1.0 of our cloud platform.

Ocean Genomics (https://oceangenomics.com) is a startup focused on creating software to analyze gene expression sequencing data. Our mission is to provide the world’s most efficient, accurate, and comprehensive gene expression analyses by supporting and extending our current state-of-the-art gene expression and transcriptome analysis software.

The successful applicant will:

  • Have experience with the full stack of cloud-based application development, including both front-end and back-end systems.
  • Be highly experienced with web stack frameworks, including Angular, MongoDB, Node.js, Typescript, Javascript, and Express.
  • Understand how to work in HTML and CSS.
  • Have knowledge of the Git version control system and be able to maintain code integrity and organization of a large existing codebase.
  • Have experience and commitment to unit testing, continuous integration, and code documentation.
  • Have strong collaboration and communication skills.
  • Have experience working with AWS or Azure.
  • Experience with Docker and SSL a plus.

The successful applicant will be primarily tasked with leading the development of the cloud infrastructure for a web-based SaaS gene expression analysis platform.

Preferred location is Pittsburgh, PA.

The position is available immediately and applications will be accepted until it is filled. Please email a resume and cover letter to jobs@oceangenomics.com.