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We solve complex problems. If your gene expression challenge goes beyond using out-of-the-box open-source packages, we may be able to help. Contact us for a quote on help with experiment design, interpretation of expression results, combining results from several analyses, or using gene expression in machine learning systems.

Collaboration and Discovery Partnerships

Our computational biologists are experts in gene expression analyses. We can work with you to make sense of your gene expression data to discover biomarkers, to stratify patients for clinical trials, or pursue other collaborations.

Custom Expression Analysis Modules

Our developers and computational biologists can help you create high-quality, accurate expression analysis modules. We can build custom machine-learning, quality control, or other modules that work with your data and fit within your existing analysis pipelines.

Experimental Design and Interpretation

Before you run your RNA-seq experiments, we can help you decide what experimental parameters are best suited to answering your particular scientific question. We can help you set the sequencing coverage, number of replicates, read length, etc.
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Our mission is to provide you the world’s most efficient, accurate, and comprehensive gene expression analyses. See our mission, our commitment, and the people behind it.

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