txome.ai, an AI-driven transcriptome analysis and biomarker discovery platform

The platform is self-serve, fully configured, cloud-based and easy to use.

Sign up, upload your files, and access an interactive report with quality control metrics, differentially expressed transcripts and genes,  structural variants, pathways, gene set enrichment, machine-learning based classifier assessments and more.

Expression Correlation, biomarker discovery

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Upload Files

Upload your FASTQ files and metadata, or link to your S3 with our simple interface.


Click “RUN”

txome.ai is fully configured with simple options and extracts rich transcriptomic features for biomarker discovery.


View Report

Access machine learning assessments, structural variants, differential expression, quality, and more.


Detailed reports provide meaningful information.

Reports include:

• Quality control

• Bias correction

• Alignment and quantification

• Highly expressed genes and transcripts

• Machine-learning-based classifiers

Watch the video for a walk-through of the reports section of the platform.

Detect Transcriptomic Structural Variants (TSVs)

TSVs are large sequence variants present in the transcriptome. Use txome.ai and advanced annotations to discover new insights.

Samsung Medical Center uses txome.ai for gastric cancer study

The abstract, “Novel target discovery in pembrolizumab-resistant gastric cancer using a comprehensive RNA-seq analysis pipeline” was shared at ASCO’s annual meeting. Read more about the methods, results, and conclusions of the study.


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